Short description

This module is designed to manage the content in two modes:

  1. Simple.
  2. Multilanguage.

The package is used in conjunction with the child application controllers and views.

Those. This is the basic add-in on your CRUD system. The basic classes of the module take on the main work on:

  1. Create.
  2. Update.
  3. View.
  4. List.
  5. Delete.

In your application, any number of child controllers can inherit from the base class of the module controller, as long as the production capacity permits.

As the html template AdminLTE is used.

To work in multilingual mode, you need:

  1. Use the already prepared migration of the language table.
  2. Use the already prepared CRUD for language management.
  3. In the child controllers of the application, set the flag of the multilingual mode.
  4. Use the prepared multilanguage trait in application models (This is necessary for separating the processes of writing / getting values of simple attributes separately from multilanguages).
  5. Configure the configuration of multilingual dynamic fields in accordance with the documentation (link below). These multilingual fields are placed using MultilanguageValidateComponent in the MultilanguageValidateModel.

Admin yii2 module diagramm:

Admin module diagramm for yii2

Documentation on GitHub